Our History

Albertus Magnus High School is administered by the Dominican Congregation of Our Lady of the Rosary Sparkill, New York. The order was founded by Mother Catherine Mary Antoninus Thorpe on May 6, 1876 in New York City and named after St. Albert the Great, a doctor of the Church.  For 130 years schools and missions have been staffed by the Sparkill Dominicans in New York State, Missouri, Maryland, Montana, Pakistan, and Peru.

At the request of Cardinal Spellman in the early 1950's, the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill took upon themselves the responsibility of creating a Catholic secondary school in Rockland County. In July of 1957 the property was purchased and thus began the journey of Albertus Magnus High School. By September of 1960, the new school and convent were ready for occupancy. Since the first graduating class in 1961, 7,189 students have had the privilege of receiving a quality education in a school dedicated to Catholic doctrine and Gospel values.

Albertus Magnus High School's rigorous college preparatory program develops the character of over 450 young men and women each year by offering an academically excellent program with dynamic and varied extra-curricular activities. A major emphasis of our curriculum is teaching Catholic doctrine, responsibility to the community and spiritual growth. The strength of the Albertus Magnus community is based upon the steadfast commitment of students, alumni, parents, and faculty to the mission of the high school.

The school is accredited by the Board of Regents of the State of New York and received re-accreditation by the Middle States Association of Schools in April 2005. The Middle States Validation Team stated the following:

• Albertus Magnus High School has many positive attributes that are the hallmark of a good school. The school provides a comprehensive academic program that meets the varied needs of the students.
• The staff is well-educated, hard working, enthusiastic, dedicated and caring.
• Albertus Magnus emphatically demonstrates a commitment to an environment where all members of its school community share respect, fairness and understanding.
• The Administrators are faithful to the Mission and are leading the school in the right direction for the future. Their visibility and presence are significant around the school.
• Relationships between Administration, teachers and students are excellent.
• The Validation Team applauds "Albertus Magnus High School for doing an excellent job with young men and women entrusted to their care. We applaud you for your commitment to the values and beliefs of the school."

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