Guidance Department

In keeping with Albertus Magnus High School's mission to educate the whole person, our guidance department is not separate from the ongoing academic program that encourages development of individual strengths in each of our students.  The college and personal counseling that our department provides helps to foster confidence and competence in each of our students, especially as they begin their college search and admission process.

Freshman Year

Beginning at freshman orientation we encourage students to work toward achieving the best academic record possible as well as becoming part of the rich non-academic life at Albertus.  Our freshman counselor, Noreen Power, helps students to establish both their academic programs and their personal goals.  Some freshmen may take the Subject Area Test (SATII) in Biology in June.

Sophomore Year

During the sophomore year students are asked not to focus on specific colleges, but to continue to build academic and personal profiles that may be assessed and matched with appropriate schools in the junior year.  At course planning meetings with sophomores in the spring, guidance counselors will also answer any questions about the college admissions process.  Several Subject Area Tests (SAT II) are available in June for sophomores: World History, Biology, Chemistry, and Math I (for advanced math students).

Junior Year

In the fall, all of our juniors will take the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT) for the first time in preparation for the SAT I.   In late winter, counselors will meet with individual students to begin the preliminary college search work.  All juniors are given a folder of helpful information to assist with the application process.  Topics include:  sources of information about colleges and admissions;  the value of interviews and college visits; tips on self assessment and getting started with the college search.  These meetings are designed to empower students with information so that they can take ownership of the process.  Students do self audits, compile lists of activities, and get more specific information on what has to be done.  Families are encouraged to visit as many colleges as possible in the summer.

Additionally, in the fall, approximately 70 colleges visit Albertus to meet with students.  Rockland Community College also hosts a college fair.  Students and parents are encouraged to attend, as it provides an excellent opportunity for students to to speak with college representatives, place their names on mailing lists and pick up literature. 

Senior Year

By September of senior year students should have visited campuses, and have narrowed their list of colleges.  During the fall, seniors will be meeting with their counselors.  Individual meetings with guidance counselors help the student prepare a final list and address other concerns about college. Parents are welcome to schedule an appointment at any time by calling their child's counselor at the numbers listed above.  Students receive a high degree of personal attention as the application and admissions process unfolds. Each student is encouraged to seek help from faculty or their adviser when developing and refining their college application essay.  In the spring, the staff will help students review their college acceptance list in order to make a final decision. 

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