Catholic Advocacy Network

The Catholic Advocacy Network is a program of the New York State Catholic Conference.  It was established so that Catholics could join together and lobby the state on issues of importance to them including pro-life and quality of life issues as well as budget and education aid. 

We, as Catholic school parents, have chosen a Catholic education for our children.  In sending our sons and daughters to a Catholic school, we are bearing the double burden of both taxes and tuition.  Our tuition reaps great rewards for our children, but unfortunately, our taxes do not. 

The question of equitable treatment by our state representatives is the primary focus of the network.  Catholic school parents and families should not be discriminated against simply because of the educational decisions they have made for their children.  All that is asked is that we are treated on an equitable basis.  Our school taxes should cover the cost of textbooks, transportation, computer and media equipment, reimbursement for mandated services and the like. 

Although it is the law (which must be lobbied for and passed annually) to provide buses and textbooks, Albertus Magnus has had to battle with our local school districts for many years to get their fair share.  Over the years, for example, the town of Clarkstown has reduced the number of days it will bus our children and East Ramapo School District has limited the number of textbooks for our students. And so the need is great to constantly make our voices heard!

  • Use the easy, online form to send your message, loud and clear, to the legislators in Albany!
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More resources on a variety of issues from social justice and poverty issues to education and employment issues can be found on our Advocacy in Action site.  Encourage your family to become involved by becoming informed on the issues and taking action!

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